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Going out with a Bang: The Atlanta Tournament

The Red Wings rounded out their season this past weekend in Atlanta, facing some of the fiercest competition around. Parents and fans cheered the Wings through four tough games, and they added one more win to their record. 



During the game against The Atlanta Junior Wheelchair Hawks, the Red Wings learned that passing the ball was the key to getting open shots. The wings had some awesome moves on defense, and their rebounds were helpful, but the Hawks came in strong and took the game 20-59. The leading scorers were Ricky Treloar, with 14 points, Dudley Luckie, with 4 points, and Jonathan Colley, with 2 points.  

IMG_2245 IMG_2282

The Red Wings came alive in the second game against North Carolina Jr. Thunder, with shot after shot, and rebound after rebound. They took their coaches advice from the first game to heart, and were highly successful, winning 32-20. Dudley Luckie was the lead scorer with 22 points, followed by Ricky Treloar with 8, and Jonathan Colley, 2.IMG_2287IMG_2295IMG_2312

When the Red Wings played Lakeshore, they battled hard, but could not hold out against them. The final score was 23-51. They never once lacked dedication and teamwork, continuing to put in their best effort in this last tournament. Ricky Treloar scored 12 points, closely followed by Dudley Luckie‘s 11.



On Sunday, the Wings played their hearts out the entire game against the Mississippi Wheelcats. They were in the lead until there was roughly seven minutes left, and the Wheelcats tied it up (24-24). In the last few minutes, things did not go as planned and the Wheelcats went ahead, leaving the final score 25-30. Though it was a tough loss, everyone was proud of how well the Red Wings played and how they never gave up. 


The Red Wings hard work paid off as they took their well deserved spot in 4th place at the Regional Tournament.