Certified Disability Sport Specialist Training


The following completed the first CDSS training session held at Huntingdon College on November 1 and 2, 2013. Congratulations!

  • Jessi Andrews
  • Alex Aucoin
  • Kylee Blake
  • Kelly Bonner
  • Raymond Bonner
  • Mathew Bozeman
  • Lisa Clark
  • Jonathan Colvin
  • Allison Hoit
  • Laura McLemore
  • Michele Olson
  • Xavier Singleton
  • Christi Reese
  • Lee Slagle
  • Amber Smith
  • Peggy Turner
  • Ladarius Woods
  • Coratio Vinson
  • Will Wright

The next CDSS training will be July 18-19, 2014 at Huntingdon College. If you would like to obtain this certification and are interested in attending the training please contact Jessi Andrews via email at jandrews@hawks.huntingdon.edu!

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